Trampolin del Diablo

El trampolin del Diablo, a 70km road between Mocoa and San Francisco, known to be one of the most dangerous world in the world. It was built in 1930 to transport soldiers during the war between Colombia and Peru, and so far has been directly responsible for ending hundreds of lives. Different sources record more than 500 people dead in 2011 and in 1989 about 300 people died in a terrible collapse.

It is relatively safe to ride it on a bike as there is enough space to be far from the precipice. We left Mocoa in the morning, and started our 2000m climb towards Pasto.

Bird nets hanging on a palm tree

Speciality the department of Nariño: the Cuy, roasted Guinea pig. We stoped by a small house on the second part of the climb to Pasto, but didn’t feel like trying it at that moment. Just time for a small drink and off we go.

Laguna de la Cocha, biggest volcanic crater lake in Colombia

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